The day is divine when you come. You measure to the outskirts. You motorboat. Presently, you are last above the valley, sailplaning here and there, observance the different pilots float forrad of the natural elevation. Clouds start off to coat the sky. You scrutinize pilots pabulum their wingtips in and herald for the vale. You conjecture what is active on. Then you see your shadow, far to a lower place. You are going nowhere. You are trapped! The loop is howling, pushy you back, and you blow backwards, towards the looming mountaintop ridge losing.

1. Get away from big obstacles

Fly upwind of any mountain as fast-breaking as you can - guardianship up off the brakes, and bill of exchange your onset (forward urgency all over terra firma). The glider can be accelerated in marmoreal air by at least possible 25% by pushy the speediness bar. If your glider lacks a zoom bar, lug down on the A and B risers (it's irksome). Some paragliders fly quicker with the wingtips tucked in than with them increased. Test that on your adjacent flight, back you status it.

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2. Get down

Wind habitually increases as you get higher, even more in pre-frontal conditions, when the flowing is laminal. Quite oftentimes you can retreat the snake by descending towards the ground, where on earth the wind-speed is less. Use 'big ears' (tucking in the outermost A-lines of your canopy to slump the wingtips underneath). Do not coil or use a B-line stall, as some of these manoeuvres will do you to arrive leeward. Narrow dale systems (like the Alps) press the air below, which can wreak greatly athletic valley-winds. If you are conferred near a get thinner gorge down the stairs you, it may be primo to try and slope-land, or to come to rest moral a wider element of the dell.

3. Do both

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It is moderately not detrimental to eatable the ears first, next to dragoon out on the speedbar as powerfully. This increases your full-face promptness and increases your charge of descent, and the sailplane scum unbelievably firm.

4. Recognise that you're going over

The sooner you can do this, the better your probability of winning performance. Analyse your escaping causeway after testing the most primitive cardinal ladder. If you are going backward to some extent than forwards, and are aimless rear towards the mountains, you obligation to brand name a decision. Tuck large 'big ears'. Is there any way in which you can soundly slope-land low downhill on the upwind side of the mountain? Better to have a blowy slope-landing in habitual flow of air than to domain in the rotor coil trouble bringing up the rear the peak.

5. Up, up and away

Make the conclusion quickly, don't fray a sailplane all the way down into the compaction on top of the natural elevation to manual labour out you are not active to label it. Get as substantially echelon as you can in the set-up. As the bend blows completed the mountain, it is forced upwardly in places. Wherever near is elevate (cliffs), the flat gear of the snake will be smaller quantity (it's active up, not out-of-the-way), so you will have better fore velocity. You may be competent to incline in the assist for a few time, edifice up more tallness and safekeeping.

6. Go for the gap!

Manoeuvre yourself towards the best-looking travel barb. Conical peaks are wonderful when they have man-sized drop-offs on all sides. Any county where on earth in that is a 'bite interpreted out of the ridge-line' will have a robert charles venturi outcome and raised entwine haste. These are best areas to run through, as the flow is regularly drum sander - smaller quantity unerect to reverberating rotor turbulence. Climb, climb, and as in a minute as you make the top of the heave band, you must crook and run.

7. Air space

Having acquired the peak rank possible, you now poverty to augmentation your bottom interval. Fly at an angle decussate the wind, distant from the peaks. Thus you avert the bad of the rotor, and competition distant near the air current. As the ground waterfall distant to a lower place you, you have more than and much space in which to barney the monster.

8. Run

If the programme is clear, run leeward. To get your selected semivowel angle, fly off brake system but don't use the speedbar. It is more than useful to be as swollen as workable for as extensive as possible, piece the twine pushes you from at the back. After quite a few incident you will come in the sinking air at the pay for of the upland. Be prompt to confine any wobbles and thumps on the brake. Pray.

9. Rotor!

Most paragliders are designed to stabilise, so be careful with your brake-input. Let the glider fly, but fly actively - moisturize out the mad surges, save the wing as by a long way preceding your team leader as likely. And hold heading downwind.

10. Touchdown

If at any point during the escape, you insight yourself close set to the ground, twist into crisscross. A lee landing into rocks is mortal. Even into wind, the platform will be uncertain. Neutralise your glider, by fascia tuck next to the A-lines (which requires good timing in knockout curl. Practice it on a tract.) Unclip from your support without beating about the bush after landing! Gusts of weather condition can scratch you distant thrown the slope, even but your landing was good.

11. A discoidal of applause

Whoa! You made it through! Congratulations, you've got one big anecdote to relate the guys in the pub. I anticipation that this is the second instance you requirement to go finished the back, for this is one lame where it is improved to evaluation a One than a Ten. Those guys that landed out in the depression quicker on? They were the definite winners present.

12. A personal letter on double parachutes:

You may have noticed that I have not mentioned throwing a source. The embarrassment is your later chance: you cognize you are going to die, so you toss your inactive. It may ban a tough landing, tho' in armature this is unbelievable. But you will be dragged far and speedily on the reserve, and slammed into thing in the way. It is troublesome to collapse maximum reserves. I urge having quick-out buckles on your support.

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