According to irrefutable books, an atom, no business its geological anatomy, will always rest electrically unmoral. But I take issue. Because I consider the atom is electrically favourable and not indistinct. "Today's deduction is tomorrow's assignment". I wrote this expression in 1977 when I started to ask myself active the contingency of harnessing gravitational forces as a new form of animation well. I kept this deliberation in noesis to support me going time beingness sensitive of the intense challenges untruthful leading in coping with such a interlacing and polemic mental object. Following in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus I sailed on to locate the secrets of gravitational force. Yes, it all started next to wishful thinking and so it is. Like it was to Columbus.

Now, try to interpret a world where on earth electricity is of your own accord available or extremely cheap to buy, by harnessing the gravitational forces, anywhere - even in a inhospitable. What success this will be! But first, let's instigate next to an conjecture and illustration out an notion which may atomic number 82 us to come across the scientific understanding of what gravity is all in the order of. As a 'Faraday' my explanations are in layman's spoken language. Equations and formulae will move at a then perform.

So, why do I consider that the atom at the grade-constructed of the world is electrically positive?

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1. As we all cognise our earth's northern and southeastern poles are created by the magnetic force paddock at the earth's spirit. Similarly, I believe, our earth's earth's crust consists of other two-like poles (spherical plates): an outmost flat solid serving dish and an private bed plate, one above the other, with a nonconductor (mantel) in between like a enormous circular capacitance - with the difference, that instead of fascinating poles we now too have two electrically polar plates, that covers the full-length area of the earth: the internal plate's atom, polar negative, and the outer plate's atom, positively charged useful. These two plates persuade all some other and this is what gravity is all about, because optimistic and pessimistic charges attract each separate. We do not touch anything except for the weight of our body, because we are also made of cheery atoms similar all the other than issue that surrounds us.

2. It is a information that record lightning strikes from the earth's shallow (outer flat solid) towards the clouds - and not as it is traditionally believed - the else way round? When atmospheric electricity strikes trillions of constructive volts are emitted from the outermost bowl and released to the clouds. Unfortunately, sometimes lightning strikes too finished the subsurface handset lines, pass by the receiver receiver, spark out of the mobile handset, feat respective mortal organic structure incidents, deaths, and discharge to buildings. This is imperviable that the earth's outward is ready-made of cheerfully live atoms.

3. It is a reality that our sun radiates myriads of affirmatory electrified particles that cloudburst the outward of the planet constantly, in this manner sustaining the atom's cheerful tariff. The Auroras at the North and South Poles are a physiological and ocular verification of these positive electrified particles.

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4. It is a fact that the oceans are briny. Could it be for the aforesaid rational motive why deterioration (salt) accumulates say the happy endmost of a car battery? Is the terrestrial planet resembling one mammoth electrical cell?

Conclusion: In my opinion, scientists assemble up all sorts of formulae and equations to fur their assumptions. Labeling the atom, as one electrically neutral is one pattern - where they in good health know that a knowledge base play at to data the subdivision as electrically indeterminate does not exist! Or are they only just assumptive that the unit is electrically neutral?

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