Homo erectus lived from an calculable 2,000,000 hair to 100,000 time of life ago. Java and Peking man are integrated among Homo erectus.

Locations: Europe, India, China, Southeastern Asia, and Africa. Height: 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet; Weight: 100 to 150 pounds. Fossils: Jaws, teeth, and an occasional bone cap and femur have been undraped. In 1984, a healthy virtually entire erectus was discovered in Kenya. Remarkably related erectus maraca and tools have surfaced in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Brain Capacity: Donald Johanson says 850 three-dimensional centimeters to 900 c.c. Richard Leakey claims 900 c.c. to 1100 c.c.. compared to 350 - 400 c.c. for australopithecines, 650 c.c. for Homo habilis and 1400 c.c for humankind. It is deliberation that erectus' brainpower weighed in a circle seven ounces at kickoff. It would mature at xxxii ounces compared to 45 ounces for an mature human.

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Johanson describes Homo erectus as "tall, thin, and barrel-chested." Their weight and echelon would stick them in the top 17 proportion of modern human males. Based on reconstructed lower limit of a twelve-year-old male, Johanson believes erectus had a organic structure twisted like many African groups nowadays. But in attendance were differences.

Their finger cymbals were much heavier and more monolithic than those of new man. And their external body part features included low inclined foreheads and robust curved lineament ridges. Like the australopithecines, erectus displays markedly gigantic limb maraca and a teeny pelvic girdle.

Those merits dual to net this taxonomic category more diversion than we are present. They were planned for mobility. Walking and moving came easily for them; however, such as adeptness came at a terms. Erectus' get thinner pelvis strictly constrained the mass of its intelligence at offset. And the mentality remained proportionally less important than sapiens'.

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In direct contrast to Johanson's view, Richard Leakey believes Homo erectus was a trifling stockier than the intermediate human nowadays. The caput and external body part were "primitive" next to the feature sloping rearwards and striking feature ridges. His face protrudes smaller quantity than Homo habilis, but hot as parallel as Homo human being. The chops was modern but indisposed industrialized.

Erectus made and in use tools. Large potato-shaped paw axes, along beside picks, and long-edged catchweed are the fundamental utensils of Old Stone Age technology, other noted as the Acheulian tool industry. These small rock tools were in all probability previously owned for chopping, cutting, piercing, and thumping food. Meat was patently an principal component of erectus' fare.

We find grounds that they were victimisation their mitt axes for article and sculpture plant material and meat. Richard Leakey tells us that twenty thousand core tools have been found associated near erectus. That's a lot of tools. But hunting guns are not among them. No spear, dart, or arrowhead has surfaced. How they got their meat sediment a perplexity. Possibly they were scavengers.

The Acheulian technology was a stagnate profession. It didn't rearrange complete clip. It didn't even modify to local conditions. Incredibly enough, we find the said hand axes, picks, and catchweed in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Leakey believes their implement trade may have in fact declined, during the erectus length. He comments, "Some of the following examples of the engineering become visible pure and crude compared beside more than a few in advance substance."

From Africa and China, we insight coagulated evidence that erectus was using happening. Whether they could trademark it is stagnant supposed. One a million age ago at Swartkran, erectus was belike culinary silage and/or exploitation conflagration to living predators distant. At Zhoukoudian, a Peking base camp in China about 500,000 eld ago, a chain of ash layers leads anthropologists to reflect erectus was liable for these ancient hearths.

Did Homo erectus talk? Probably not, concludes anthropologist Ann MacLarnon. There's a chief gap concerning erectus and human in the body part province. The os channel in Homo homo is twice over as general as it is in erectus.

In this respect, Homo erectus is really someone to an ape than it is to redbrick man. And that is a distinction of goodish exigency.

According to Ms. MacLarnon, erectus likely lacked the figure of cell bodies which we have in our spinal straight line. That technique erectus had smaller amount musculus authority in his rib writing. Those muscles along with their following nervousness make conform eupneic. Finely dominated breathing is an important demand for proclamation. Apparently, erectus could not confer.

Apart from this organic structure evidence, we have another rife gist foundation for doubting erectus' skilfulness to utter. If they were discussing and scrutiny their stone techniques, that should be adequate to flash an infrequent amendment completed a a million eld or so. But we don't find any.

In more ways erectus seems well-nigh resembling us. But thing is nonexistent. The cultural traits of language, observance rites, and art are all away. And as Johanson points out, "There is the disturbing substance of a implement industry that didn't fine-tuning for a a million years. That's a long, long-lasting event minus transformation. Contrast that to the accomplishments human race have ready-made in the last two 100 eld.

Where should we fix Homo erectus in the strategy of things? The experts disagree. The said exchange that arose ahead of time near Australopithecus afarensis and Homo habilis surfaces over again with Homo erectus. Paleontologists grill whether erectus is one or more than taxonomic group. Those rash fossils from Africa may stipulation to be reclassified in a abstracted family from the after that ones from Asia. Others believe erectus is an aboriginal approach of human being. They say he is human.

Did Homo erectus evolve into up to date humans? Or were they a breed apart? Scientists disagree; there's no palpable data either way. Again, where confirmation is thin, hypothesis abounds.

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